Alcozer & J |Alcozer&J celebrates 20 years of styles, traditions, religions, cultures, tastes, tales and dreams

Alcozer & J is an artisan company, specialized in the creation and production of luxury costume jewellery.
Its founder and designer Giampiero Alcozer, after treasuring various creative experiences and artistic inspirations in different countries.

Alcozer & J

Alcozer & J decided in 1994 to settle in the heart of Florence, to fulfil his lifelong dream: to create fashion costume jewellery that would be inspired by a taste of the past, but at the same time reinterpreted in a contemporary style.
Supported by the deep knowledge of craftsmanship jewellery techniques and by a young and devoted team of professionals, Giampiero.

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Alcozer still manufactures truly unique artworks in the luxury costume jewellery field by using semi-precious stones, pearls and Swarovski crystals which are set with creations using the lost-wax brass casting process. Then jewels are gilded using the electroplating method. This is how an entirely MADE IN ITALY handicraft product of the highest quality is created at Alcozer&J

Alcozer & J

Alcozer&J celebrates 20 years of styles, traditions, religions, cultures, tastes, tales and dreams. It’s founder and stylist Giampiero Alcozer,
inspired by the classic arts but with a contemporary twist. The synergy of goldsmith’s techniques and a great designers’ team gives life to authentic art pieces, enhanced by semi-precious stones, pearls and Swarovsky crystals built on brass investment castings, finally golden-plated in electroplating bath.

Alcozer & J

The brand Alcozer&J which is recognised by the Made in Italy benchmark of quality, comprises a team of 20 people and produces over 3,500 items each year, with an impressive archive of over 80,000 designs. Each creation is personal and special, telling a story from the past and inspiring the future for the person who buys and wears it.

Alcozer & J

‘Alcozer & J is a 100% Florentine company, with 12 monobrand boutiques across the world and a unique handmade production process. You can easily recognise our clients; they love uniqueness, creativity and art,’ explains the designer.

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