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Alessandro Enriquez was born in the heart of Sicily in Palermo. His mother comes from Sicily while his father has french – tunisine origins
After his bachelor in Arts in 2004 at Palermo University, he moved abroad, from Barcelona to Palma di Mallorca and London. He studies Fashion Design in some of the most prestigious European institutes, the London Central St Martin and the Istituto Marangoni at Milan, where he still lives.
His versatile soul gets inspiration to dedicate also on communication and writing abilities, becoming a passionate art and fashion writer by collaborating with international magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue Bambini and Vogue Sposa.

Naturally curious and travel addicted Alessandro always looks for new places to explore, he’s not a common traveller, he is a citizen of the world. In 2012 he publishes his first book which is his lucky charm, 10X10 ANITALIANTHEORY, name which was used for the new fashion brand; a world full of pictures and Italian recalls, his constant sources of inspiration.
He immediately starts a career as a designer which brings him to work for Costume National, a very suggestive brand that allows him to deepen and develop more and more his strong creative point of view.
In 2009 he also starts teaching at Accademia del Lusso, then he moves to Istituto Marangoni and finally to IED where he still has his classes.
Nowadays for Alessandro is the moment to express himself through a new path, a new accessory, an amazing bags collection the designer considers an upgrade concerning his personal style as the capsule is full of sense of humour mixed and matched perfectly with the flawless handmade work made in Tuscany…everything is enriched with family memories and future projections.

Alessandro Enriquez (oct 17th, 1983) has a various cultural heritage: his mother is from Sicily while his father has french-tunisine origin and descends from a spanish family. Italian but “Citizen of the World”.
Since his bachelor in Arts in 2004 at the University of Palermo, he starts his “wandering”: first he lives in Barcelona then in Palma de Mallorca and finally in London.
Here he studies fashion design in one of the most prestigious institutes of Europe, the London Central St Martin, he continues he studies at Istituto Marangoni in Milano, where he lives today.

Once over with his studies, he immediately begins his career as designer, which brings him to work at the Costume National maison.
In 2009 teached at Istituto Marangoni and then at IED, where he still has his classes.A restless and versatile soul, he does not limit himself working only on one project, but he follows his greatest ability: “communication”. He makes it a passionate writing of art and fashion allowing him to collaborate with very important magazines as Vogue Kids, Vogue Wedding,, and Marie Claire, becoming as well a referencing point in the field of cool hunting.Naturally curious about knowing the World we live in in all of its lights and shadows, he travels a lot and visits new places; he goes back in the already known ones to discover or rediscover new aspects of those areas. He’s not a common traveller, he is a citizen of the World. To him, journeys are mean to finding new inspirations, costumes and traditions of a land, researching, being aware and getting working inputs and personal enrichment. Philanthropist by nature Alessandro Enriquez loves to be surrounded by artistic friends from the fashion, the art and the design worlds.
His dinners are very famous, they are crowded carefully picked guests, delighted by Alessandro’s passion for food whose plates take inspiration both from faraway lands and from the beloved Sicily, eternal font of inspiration.

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New It Bag by Alessandro Enriquez
Alessandro Enriquez creates his first It Bag capsule collection, a series of designs inspired by the articulate world of women: composers, harpists, dancers, singers. Their perspectives become the stars of the collection, fashioning an artistic pop world, made up of color and the joy of living. Cheerful tones, among all orange, the true best seller of the season, which immediately leads us to summer. Top-stitched treble clefs rest on imaginary pentagrams, and notes are transformed into tiny stars, while the classic summer bucket bag gets a new look, enriched with striking gold chains. Alessandro’s personality is kaleidoscopic: writer with “10X10 ANITALIANTHEORY”, fashion designer at Costume National, teacher at the Marangoni Institute and IED, and editor for Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue Bambini, and Vogue Sposa. His motto reads: “Beauty exists, and I’m trying to create it

Alessandro-Enriquez-italian bag

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