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We all have heard of ALaddin wether we are children or adults .Aladdin is one of Disney movies that was made in 1992 which influnced a lot of our childhood memories .WALT DISNEY production decided to rebring the movie to live in 2019 . The selection of the actors was really difficult as their were more than 2000 actor and actress auditioned for the movie , luckly for the audience and at the end of this endless auditions ( Mena Massoud , Naomi Scott ,and of course the wonderful Will Smith ) were the one’s who was picked to play the roles in this movie .

Mena Massoud as Aladdin

Naomi scott as Princess Jasmine

Will Smith as Genie

The amount of nostalgia that the movie brings to all the audience  made them want to know more about the cast and the behind the scences of the movie , and after me trying to gather amount of information about the cast and the (BTS) , i have got that ,


MENA MASSOUD : he is an Egyptian actress , he was  raised in Canada , but his mom and dad are Egyptians .he said in one of his interviews that he was so excited about the movie , as the movie was filmed  in Jordan , and because it was about the middle ~eastern culture that he has heard about and never experienced in real life (as living in the middle east ).he also said in one of his interviews that his Disney princess crush when he was a kid is JASMINE ( how cool is that !).

NAOMI SCOTT : she is a Britsh actress and singer . she said that she loved playing the role of jasmine , and she describes her as ( a leader , adventrous and political).  Her favourite scene in the movie is the part when she sings “speechless ” , she describes the song as one of the most meaningful songs , she loves where it is in the movie and even the speech that she gives when she comes back to( Jafar) , and she thinks that it is a powerful song.

WILL SMITH : he said that he was confused at first when he was offered to play the role which has historical and nostalgic value to it , so he asked himself , what is that he would add to the role and one of the major aspects was going from animation to live-action , so he felt like that  is going to be different .

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written by : KAREN M ANAS